Well today was a funny day, weather-wise I mean! Thick mist and quite chilly. So this afternoon we headed West, where things were supposed to be better. That was an understatement! It was a different world! Hot, sunny and perfect! We had to go to nearby Middleton-in-Teesdale to collect a new dog coat for Jet,…

Harvest Gold

It’s late summer here in the UK. The fields are yellowing and some have already been harvested. Got me thinking of my new scarecrow skirt, which I made a few weeks ago from original 1950’s fabric I bought from a cool friend in the USA. I don’t have lots of earthy early Autumn colours in…

Lured by Lavender?

Well, I have to say, I never really liked lavender. I mean, it has a potent smell, always made me sneeze. I couldn’t understand other people’s love of it. I was given an old bottle of Lavender perfume from the 50’s and I didn’t appreciate it at all. But strangely, my mind has been changed!…


I have a wonderful photo of my Nana (Mam’s Mother) wearing a beanie hat. The photo was probably taken in the early 1940’s and I have always fancied one! So when I saw one listed on the web I couldn’t resist getting it! It’s probably a 1950’s one, it has a stamp inside on…

Why Retropoodles?

Retro styled poodles! Traditional trims, English saddle trim, Dutch trim, Continental.

Yee Haa!

So excited to get a dress with me and the poodles printed on it!

Temple Magic

Spring has now sprung at last! Fresh colours and layering for warmth!

My style

My style is 1940’s & 1950’s with a little reproduction!
Attention to detail, along with poodle accessories!