Winter Glamping

Winter Glamping

A cosy cabin nestled in woodland in the North Yorkshire countryside is just a great base for a winter getaway!
A brisk walk in the outdoors is just the trick to burning off the Seasonal treats we have indulged in!

The cabins are off grid which means log stoves and candle light, maybe a hot toddy to warm you up from the inside!
We took some simple homemade broth with us to heat on the stove and warmed some part baked bread until it went
crusty in the combined oven, simple but delicious!

Swinton Bivouac’s award winning log cabins were hand built just 4 Years ago, from wood sourced directly from the country estate they reside in.
They are equipped with a shower and loo, but to heat the water you need to get a roaring fire going in the stove which warms the whole cabin.

They are insulated with wool fleece, and waste water runs into it’s own reed beds. So you can bank on them being eco friendly.
Doing things the old fashioned way really gives you a taste of the vintage life, you can’t simply switch on a light!
They sleep 7 people on three different levels, and some are dog friendly.

I took along my winter woolies, with my poodle fur cardigan from Freddies of Pinewood ( They are also available in red blue and brown .
and have been reproduced from an original 1940’s cardigan that Jo the owner has in her collection. They have been selling like hot cakes and I can see why!



The original cardigan that has been copied, dating from the 1940’s


Original photo of the cardigan! Kindly lent to me from Freddies of Pinewood

I made my ski pants from a pattern which was originally my Mums! I last made them quite a few years ago and wore them out!
So I made a new pair up for the winter, when I heard they were forecasting snow!
My boots are probably 20 years old, I got them from C&A!! (remember them?) for a trip to Switzerland, along with my knitted hat which a friends Mum crafted for me!
I won’t be going skiing, but I love the look!

My fabulous giant acorn brooch is from Luxulite (, Katie makes wonderful fake bakelite jewellery, with her own flair
for wacky and kitsch items. I love real bakelite, but items this large would be very costly, so I’m content with “Fakelite”!

My raspberry red scarf is an original bought from our local antique store, I bought a turquoise one at the same time they have a lovely lurex thread running through the yarn.
Known as a Ascot scarf or Miss Marple scarf, there are several patterns available on the internet for them, but some knitted up to skinny, some too wide! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
So I have devised my own version of the pattern which measures up perfectly to the originals!My Aunt use to make these for us when we were small, and we thought the
ends looked like kangaroo ears!
It’s available below for you to try and is easy and doesn’t take much yarn.

My blue sweater is from the well established Rocket Originals ( available in six colours, made from an early 1950’s pattern,
it features a v shaped pattern made up of diamonds with mini cable knit inside each.


Owner Kaye says she has tried to match them to the shoes they design.
Certainly it looks great with my Billie shoes, which can be worn with or without the front tassels. My trousers are some 40’s style side button (with vintage buttons) I made a while ago.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I’m wearing a 50’s cotton poodle scarf which was a gift from my friend Maki in New York! Also a deco style brooch featuring a Westie wearing a tartan Glengarry hat
which I bought about 25 years ago from Greenwich market which we used to visit each Sunday morning for vintage finds.


Charlie the miniature poodle and Jet the toy poodle wear lumberjackets from Morrisons seasonal pet range.

Billie shoes from Rocket Originals

Swinton Bivouac is situated near the Yorkshire town of Masham (pronounced “Mass Ham”) There is a lovely cafe and ice cream kiosk, yurts and log cabins,
as well as a bunk barn, so all of your glamping needs are covered! find out more at


Original scarf on left, my version on right!


Any yarn, but I used 4 ply.
With size 9 (3.75mm)needles cast on 3 stitches, Knit (to create Garter stitch)
Increase at the beg. of each row until you have 30st. Work 20 rows.
To split st. and make hole, change to size 12 (2.75mm) needles then knit 1 stitch,
then transfer the next onto a stitch holder or kilt pin,
continue until you have 15 on each. Continue in rib on the needle (knit 1 pearl 1) For 15 rows.
(this can prove tricky, so take it steady! working with both a needle and st. holder is fiddly!)
Break yarn then rejoin to rib the stitches from the holder, aslo for 15 rows.
To close the hole, pick up alternate stitches from needle and holder so you have 30 again.
Change back to number 9 needles then knit until this section measures around 12″
(At this point try around you neck for comfort)
Change back to 12 needles and knit 2 stitches together all along row (15 stiches)
Then rib for 15 rows, knit twice into each stitch to inc. to 30 st.
Knit 20 rows, then decrease at the beg. of each row until 3 st. remain, the cast off.
Sewn in ends and enjoy!

Photos by Frankie Calland

popping another log in!
Downfall of the poodle, Jet has a twig in his pom pom!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Doris Button says:

    This post is amazing! I don’t ski (which seems always a bit strange when you’re Swiss, but we’re living in the lowlands and I never learnt…), but I really love mid-century ski or winter fashion. It’s not too sporty, still feminine or even elegant, something that modern sportswear is lacking. And what impresses me most that also women beyond 25 can wear it and still look great, like you!
    The scarf is an absolute must-have! A dear friend of mine made me one as a new year’s gift, and now my mom is knitting me another one, but I know how to knit, so basically I could make one as well. A cozy and flattering staple for the cold season. Wonderful pictures, very inspiring!


  2. retropoodles says:

    Oh, Thank you so very much Doris! What lovely comments! It would be nice to think I’ve inspired people to pick up some knitting needles up! Warning, it’s addictive once you start! You know the ski pants are so warm and comfortable, and having a little elastic in the back waist, they fit on slim or plump days! Most ladies know about them! I wear high necks or scarves all the time in the cooler months, as I’m always cold!


  3. missmuggins says:

    It was lovely chatting to you today…. your blog looks fab, I look forward to reading your past posts and also trying the scarf pattern.
    Jude x


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