Autumal Hues

Well we can’t stop time, and we can’t stop Winter approaching,
at least we can enjoy the hues of autumn until the days turn really dark.
It’s a time for cosy fires in the Retropoodle house, Coco is the most
drawn to the fire, she’s known as the heat hogger!
apparently it’s a trait in brown poodles, I think she feels the cold, but hey! I’m happy to hug her in front of the fireplace anyway!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I can’t help but have a touch of the tropics though, dreaming of warmer climates, and a tropical blouse and palm tree brooch made from early celluloid finishes off my late 1940’s suit. I bought the outfit about 16 Years ago in Flaggstaff Arizona,
and if you look carefully, you will see a subtle western hint, with the arrowhead detailing across the front and back of the jacket.
My amazing hat was originally from Levy’s department store in Memphis Tennessee, I found it online, and adore it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Assorted browns look great together, Mother nature tells us that with her beautiful Autumn displays, and these 3 tone brown shoes from Rocket Originals and fabulous raffia handbag, harmonise together beautifully. 
The bag although is flat in appearance, actually holds plenty stuff! I carry tons around for me and the poodles!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We visited somewhere which I’d heard about years ago, but wasn’t sure if it actually still existed or not.
I recall seeing an early 20th Century postcard of it, maybe in a book about Yorkshire.
Anyway we were travelling through Aysgarth when I caught sight of some rocks from the corner of my eye.
We pulled up, and sure enough, there it was!
Aysgarth Edwardian Rock garden!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Originally built around 1902 by local man Frank Sayer Graham, who had made his money from local game, in-fact, the silver coated rabbits that resided in the area. Their pelts were sold for the lining of car coats that were worn by the rich and famous.
He had a passion for gardening, and the massive rocks were somehow brought in from an area west of the plot called Stephen’s Moor.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This grade II listed garden has been lovingly restored by the current owners, a hundred Years after it’s construction, and is truly a magical little place, literally stepping back in time!  It takes the form of a walk through grotto, there’s trickling water and beautifulalpine plants and ferns.
I have to admit to gettin’ a kick out of a good rockery, I mean the type with massive rocks, and deep dark ferneries,
I have a small fernery in my own garden, but with a tropical vibe to it.
The ambience of this enchanted place is mesmerizing, and you will hanker to stay a while, maybe read a few pages of a book and relax.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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