Vintage Festivals

We ventured down the the Festival of Vintage at York racecourse.

Our first trip there, dogs aren’t allowed in the buildings, but it was a cool enough day to leave them in the van while we looked around!

There was an amazing amount of stalls, sectioned into vintage, and reproduction areas. We spent vast amounts of time in both, chatting and shopping!

I entered the best dressed competition, and was over the moon to take a special prize! i very rapidly put the money towards a wartime utility dress with a CC41 label, I don’t really have lots of early 1940’s apparel, because I sold mine all off a few Years ago, but this one was amazing! It features a wonderful bright novelty print of cactus, sombreros etc. Just my thing! Unfortunately it was too small on me, but with a little wartime spirit “make do and mend” I managed to successfully make it a wearable item for me! So chuffed!

The poodles got a great run down the side of the racecourse afterwards, through all of the puddles of course!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Retro rover says:

    Such gorgeous fabric


    1. retropoodles says:

      yes the print is amazing!


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