Why Retropoodles?

We get asked about our collective name for the poodles, and because me and my husband have been wearing vintage items since we were in our teens, we decided that our beloved pets should also wear the style poodles are renowned for!

They are all clipped into different old style traditional trims. An unusual sight, as most people have their poodles clipped into simple pet trims for ease these days.

It takes around 3 hours for me to bath, blow dry, clip and scissor one of my standard poodles, I couldn’t afford to have them otherwise, it’s quite a skilled process, and I have learned tips from the best show poodle people in the UK!



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  1. Retro rover says:

    I have a toy poodle, as well as three pugs and a bulldog and cats. I get Mr. Tuvok professionally clipped but try to get traditional looks which is unusual according to my groomer. This site has great inspiration thank u


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